Commercial Clients


Commercial Clients:

A purchase order is required before work can commence.
Acknowledgement of your order will be emailed to you, detailing the terms of the licence agreed

Purchase is normally restricted to an exclusive licence for a set period of time. Reproduction of the illustration to be in a defined form, for a defined use within a defined geography.
Prices dependant on size of print run.

The artist retains ownership of copyright in the work and is free to sell further rights for its use unless otherwise agreed.
Any additional rights required must therefor be agreed at the start of the agreement.

Full payment will be made within 30 days of the date of invoice.
Agreed rights pass to the client only when payment is received in full.
Delivery dates can only be fulfilled providing sketches are returned with comments, promptly and within agreed dates.
Copyright clearance for reference material supplied by the client must be cleared by them in advance.
Work flow usually takes the form of, a written brief followed by a series of discussions for clarification.
Preparation of first round of sketches. Then a second round of amended sketches.
Delivery of Art Work in digital form as required.
If the work is cancelled fees will apply accordingly. Rejection at amended rough stage, one third of fee to be paid.
If the finished Art Work is rejected after two rough stages the full fee will be due.
If the job terminates at rough stage all rights in all preliminary material is retained by the artist.

The artist asserts his moral right of paternity and integrity.
He therefor retains the right tot be credited where ever the work appears:

Illustration © Rowan Barnes-Murphy

No one can alter the original Art Work accept the artist himself.
In all cases the artist retains the right to use the work for self-promotion.
The client will supply at least 3 proofs or printed copies of the work where possible.

These terms and conditions are governed by the law of England and Wales.
Any alterations to these terms be agreed in writing.