Rowan the Illustrator gets Printmaking…

Two years ago just after we moved here to the beautiful village of Norton St. Philip we were surprised to find ourselves in the middle of Cloth Road Arts Week, an event taking place over several days, where ceramicists, printers, sculptors, painters and artists of all kinds throw open the doors to their homes and studios and invite the public to view their work.

This year I decided to take part – a great excuse to go back to art college and brush up on my  silk screen know-how. But it didn’t stop there! Once I caught the learning bug, I then enrolled at a local print studio run by Sandra Porter print maker to learn all about  lino cuts from Jenny Ford. Jenny is a  hugely talented and experienced lino cut print maker. I decided to use local wildlife for the subject of my linocuts.

Woodpecker - Norton St.Philip Blackbird Owl Blackbirds

I hired space and got loads of help from Otto and Sara at the Marshfield Print Studio where I printed drawings of local landmark buildings in Norton St. Philip, like the famous George pub, the beautiful Fleur de Lys (where you’ll find great drink and grub, too!) and the local church.

George Hotel - Norton St.Philip- Alternative color scheme experiment


Fleur copy

Church -Norton St.Philip

So, with a wealth of beautiful buildings around to inspire me, I was frequently seen hanging around on street corners with a sketchpad… something I’ve been wanting to do again since leaving Art College years ago. And now, I’m pleased to present a mini exhibition of my work at the Cloth Road Arts Week showing a limited edition of lino cuts, silk screen prints and original water colour drawings. Why not come on over and have a look? Next weekend we’re open for three days from 11.00 to 18.00 on Friday 9th May until Sunday 11th May.

More details of the other artists taking part can be found on the Cloth Road Arts Week website.